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We are a multiproduct company which can even cater to odd customer specific demands. Our basic strength is quality design which are innovative, cost effective, rugged, reliable, ergonomic and aesthetic. The design is backed with systematic assembly, trial and testing with on process quality assurance and testing during assembly. Strong concepts in mechanical , electrical & electronics as a single entity produces a user friendly economical and efficient product, reason being the knowledge of capabilities and loop holes of independent subjects. We always strive to achieve customer delight than customer satisfaction.

To mention about the product range, we are basically into component feeders, Automation, packaging & printing,and also sterilisation which we have recently emerged into.

To mention about the component feeding systems are vibratory leniar and bowl feeders, Weigh fill feeders, slant disc feeders, mechanical and electronic counter feeders, rotary centrifugal feeders, turn tables, conveyor feeders etc.

In the field of packaging we are into Bottle rinsing, filling and capping machines for mineal water, CSD ( carbonated soft drinks), oil etc, Liquid / cream / paste filling and capping machines Special purpose packaging machines, online pouch frming filling and spouting machines, platform loaders and unloaders, case packer and unpacker machines, cartoning machines, Danglar packing machine, Bottle washing / rinsing machines , collating and shrink wrapping machines, sleeve applicators, shrink tunnels etc.

In the field of printing we are into semi and fully automatic hot foil stamping machines, semi and fully automatic screen printing and pad printing machines, batch coding systems etc. with specific track records in quality and efficiency.

The standard automation products are flip top cap closing machines, semi and fully automatic riveting machines, component assembly machines, switch assembly machines, cap assembly machines, wad fixing machines, Paper cutting, punching and blanking machines etc. We are also into conveying and material handling systems including slat and belt conveyors, Belt elevators and de-elevators, conveyor automation for carrying cut offs and rejections from blow molding machines to grinders, over head conveyors, star wheel transfer systems, walking beam transfer systems, air conveyors for plastic bottles, cap and crown elevators etc.

Recently we have launched manual and fully automatic ethylene oxide striliserers ( ETO ) for pharma / plastic industry.

Also we can develop and cater to special purpose / customized packing, printing, and automation solutions however complicated or difficult it may be as our design concepts are strong and innovative. We always had a track record of repeat orders from the same clients which highlights the quality, reliability and efficiency of the products delivered.

(Cap folding and slitting machines)

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